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Welcome to the Hohonu online shop. Hohonu are symbols of magical beach days, reef-blue water, and that indescribably delicious smell of being free. (Use the drop-down menu above or browse using page links below)

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  • seahorse bamboo cord pull bracelets

    Petite Seahorse Bamboo Pull Bracelet

  • dream mermaid bamboo cord pull bracelets

    Dream Mermaid Bamboo Pull Bracelet

  • Hawaiian Monk Seal close front I

    Bijou Hawaiian Monk Seal Necklace

  • H little lupe close top III

    Bijou Baby Stingray Necklace

  • Bijou Baby Stingray Drop Earrings

  • H bijoux seal drop earrings side

    Bijou Hawaiian Monk Seal Drop Earrings

  • H bijoux stingray boxchain bracelet front

    Bijou Baby Stingray Adjustable Silver Bracelet

  • H bijoux seal boxchain bracelet

    Bijou Hawaiian Monk Seal Adjustable Silver Bracelet

  • Bijou Baby Stingray Adjustable Suede Bracelet

  • H bijoux adj bracelet seal grey

    Bijou Hawaiian Monk Seal Adjustable Suede Bracelet

  • Lupe Small Stingray Barb Lariat Wrap

  • bryozoan necklace - gold, close up

    Bijou Bryozoan Necklace

  • Bijou Bryozoan Earrings

  • night octopus earrings

    Bijou Night Octopus Earrings

  • Night octopus necklace GOLD close 2

    Bijou Night Octopus Necklace