Accessibility is not just important for people with different needs, it often makes things easier for all of us.

For example, adjustable rings. In the past, these were for inexpensive base metal rings that you might find in a Cracker Jack box. A clunky flat wire attached at one end to the design, and overlapping with the other end to accommodate different widths. But why does accessibility have to be unattractive? Incorporating the adjustable nature of the ring into a design elevates it. Our mix and match Limu stacks (see images at bottom) use ring openings to fit into the one above – creating combinations that you design yourself. Adjustable rings are especially great here in Hawaii where it gets hot and makes your knuckles swell just a touch, but also means people with bigger knuckles can size them for their finger but the ring can expand over the knuckle.

Nearly all of our bracelets have an option to size up or down the length or to add more or take away links. We’ve made our “one-size” bangles both larger and smaller for customers since we make them ourselves and not in large quantities overseas. Sometimes its a little more work, but its important to have this option.

What about necklaces? I have a tall friend who always asks for a 20″ chain. It just fits her better. So  this year, we’re not just offering our standard 16″ and 18″ chains, we’ve just added a 20″ SS chain (just ask us) and 24″ is also available with a small charge (since these would be made to order) This is not just great for taller or larger people, but it lets people (of any size) who want to layer their necklaces chose how to wear them.

Part of ‘slow fashion’ is loving what you purchase; something you don’t toss out, but pass on to others. In order for something to have that kind of staying power, it not only has to be beautiful, but it has to suit you, and fit you well. If wearing it delights you, you tend to keep it longer.