Hahalua Manta Ray Adjustable Bracelet



Wear the Hahalua Manta Ray Adjustable bracelet as a daily reminder of mindfulness and calmness. Hāhālua means two breaths in Hawaiian, this can be interpreted as the two realms of water and air as the manta breaches the surface, propelling itself into the air. Such a powerful display of will and joy! Petite in size, but big on charm the manta ray is two-sided, complete with gills and tail. Suitable for men and women.

Hāhālua – Manta Rays

Manta Rays are very special to us at ‘Alohi Kai. Diving on the south shore of Oahu, we spotted a beautiful juvenile manta ray coming straight at us. Young and curious, it came right to me, then over our heads and ended up cuddling up my dive buddy! After its curiosity was satisfied, one flip of those beautiful wings, and it was gone. Since no one had reported it to the Manta database yet, we were honoured to be able to give it a name – we’re proud to say we have a manta ray in Hawaii named ‘Alohi Kai!

Despite their enormous size, Mantas don’t eat big fish, but rather filter feed on plankton. Reef mantas, as we have in Hawaii, can attain 18 ft (distinct from the giant pacific mantas that get much bigger). Our mantas tend to stay close to shore, which partly helps protect them from large predators like sharks. Manta Rays have the largest brains of any fish, and they reproduce slowly – sadly populations continue to decline, much due to pollution and erosion of habitat. Some estimates say they can live 50-100 years. More information. Status: Vulnerable.

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The Hahalua Manta Ray Adjustable Bracelet comes on chunky 3mm suede, and features a hand carved manta gliding in the ocean. Modelled after the glorious manta rays we see in Hawaii, the carving is a double sided sculpture.


  • Manta ray measures 1 1/8″/29mm by 5/8″/16mm
  • Hand carved and cast, plated in ruthenium
  • Easy care hand-tied suede or leather bracelet
  • Flat leather is flat/thin, chunky suede cross section is more square (great for men)
  • Opens up to 9″ (let us know if you need it bigger)
  • Grey or black vegan microfiber is available on request
  • Lead and nickel free
  • Made in Hawaii
  • You may also like our matching Manta necklace
  • Questions or to request silver/gold, please contact us

Additional information

Dimensions 8.5 × 5.5 × 1.5 in

2mm Brown flat leather, 3mm Chunky Brown Suede, 3mm Chunky Black Suede

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