Jumping Nai’a Dolphin Necklace



This Jumping Nai’a Dolphin Necklace is modelled after the beautiful Hawaiian dolphins, Nai’a. A wonderful piece design for dolphin lovers, this Nai’a is carved in mid jump to remind us of their energetic playfulness, and love of community. The pendant lays flat on the wearer, and goes well with dresses, jeans, even suits.

Hawaiian Dolphins, Nai’a

There are three main species of dolphins found in Hawaii, spinner, spotted and bottlenose (pacific and atlantic). We used to see large pods of Hawaiian Spinner dolphins on the west side of Oahu whenever we dove there, sadly these days we are lucky to see 2-3. Spinner and spotted dolphins are easily confused as they look similar, more mature spotted dolphins display a spotted pattern. However the bottlenose dolphins are easier to tell apart as they are bigger, and uniformly grey. Regardless of which one you see, dolphins never fail to bring a smile for their energy, playfulness and happy demeanour!




This Jumping Nai’a Dolphin Necklace is a small-scale sculpture of a Hawaiian Dolphin, or Nai’a – hand carved with attention to scale and detail. These are each cast it in low-tarnish silver with an option from 18K gold vermeil, then we carefully grind, file and hand-polish it.


  • Dolphin measures 1.5″ long on diagonal, nose to tail tip, and 1.25″ across
  • Solid sterling silver or 18K gold vermeil
  • Hand-carved and cast
  • Lead and nickel free
  • Made in Hawaii
  • Choose from chains or on a leather cord for a more casual look.
  • Leather cords come with adjustable clasp (sterling or brass). Please indicate if this is for a man or if you just want a longer leather cord.
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  • More information on vermeil can be found in the blog


Additional information

Dimensions 8.5 × 5.5 × 1.5 in

18" Chain, 30" Chain, Adj Leather


Sterling Silver, 18K Gold Vermeil