Little Snails Long Station Necklace



This Little Snails Long Station Necklace is full of movement and grace. Long and flowing, the chain is designed so it doesn’t travel around your neck as you wear it. The five snails are suspended in 2.4mm chain for a sophisticated finish to your outfit.

Little Snails

These little sea snails are a kind of turban shell, and are a common sight around the world.  Maybe it’s because of its ubiquity that we always get a thrill out of their perfect little spirals! They come in a range of beautiful multicoloured shades, but after they’re tumbled in the sand, the outer layer of color is removed and they end up beautifully pure white.


Little Snails Long Station Necklace features a 5 sterling silver miniature snails soldered into a strong 2.4mm sterling silver chain. These shells we mold from are found empty on the reef; we never take things alive from the sea. We cast each in low-tarnish sterling silver, before grinding, filing and prepping for soldering into the chain.


  • Necklace measures 34″
  • Little Snails measure approx 8mm across
  • Cast in low tarnish sterling silver
  • Sterling silver shells and chain
  • Lead and nickel free
  • Made in Hawai
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  • Questions or to request gold, contact us

Additional information

Dimensions8.5 × 5.5 × 1.5 in

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