Gem-Set Lupe Stingray Barb Long Necklace



Feeling chic but not in the mood for big and bold? Impress with a gem-set Lupe Stingray Barb Long Necklace – long, defiant and elegant, this necklace is made for black and leather. Or is it? Try its delicate presence as a stylish contrast to femme dresses or minimalist suits, a gem’s beautiful sparkle is always in style!


Lupe – Hawaiian Broad Stingray

The Hawaiian broad stingray is a gentle, non-aggressive ray endemic to Hawai‘i. Most stingrays have one or more barbed barbs on their tail that can deliver powerful neurotoxins. These are used exclusively in self-defense. The barb may reach a length around 35 cm (14 in), and their tails are twice the length of their bodies. Once broken off, the barbs grow back fairly quickly. Their Hawaiian name is ‘lupe’ which translates to ‘kite’, named for their diamond shaped bodies. These shy creatures prefer sandy bottoms at least 15m to over 300m deep, and we usually find them half buried in the sand.



The Gem-Set Lupe Stingray Barb Long Necklace is a hand carved and cast small scale model of a stinger. The carving is 3-dimensional, not flat. Hand polished, finished and stone set, choose from white topaz, blue zircon or blue diamonds. (Note: don’t confuse these stunning natural blue zircons with lab-created cubic zirconia! Blue Zircons used to be the primary choice of diamond substitutes for their sparkle, clarity and brilliance before lab-diamonds were created)


  • Pendant is 2 3/4″ long (including loop)
  • Sterling pendant comes on 30″ chain
  • Vermeil pendant comes on an black oxidized 32″ chain
  • Choice of 2.5mm white topaz or 3mm blue zircon
  • Vermeil with blue zircon available on special order
  • Lead and nickel free
  • Made in Hawaii
  • To request a diamond or quote for gold, please contact us

Additional information

Dimensions 8.5 × 5.5 × 1.5 in

White Topaz, Blue Zircon


Sterling silver, 18K Vermeil

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