Mano I’a Simple Bracelets



Mano I’a Simple Bracelets are lovely for every occasion. Wear your ocean!

Mano & I’a (sharks & fish)

MANO – Hawaiians and locals respect sharks in Hawaii. They are aumakua – spirit guides and family members that can provide guidance in times of joy and hardship. More than this, Hawaiians understood the role sharks played in the ocean ecosystem, culling the weak and the dead, and creating stronger fish stock for the next season. Hawaiians understood and taught that everything is connected – sharks, fish, humans. So little was wasted, and they took care of the sharks and oceans, letting the ocean and land recover during the Makahiki (read more in our blog post). Mano is a tribute to all sharks, and their importance to the ocean we love.

I’A – Fish played an essential role in daily life of the Hawaiians both spiritually and physically. Living in balance was central to the culture, so fishermen were prized members of a family who not only caught fish, but developed deep knowledge of their shore and reef areas. Seafood was the primary source of protein and fishermen supplied the entire district, or ahupua’a (a system of land division that resembles a pie slice of the island – each area includes fresh water, ocean and mountains) with fish, salt, shellfish and limu (seaweed). I’a is a tribute to the fish and reefs of Hawaii.


Mano I’a Simple Bracelets feature a single hand carved and cast sculpture of streamlined Mano (shark) and I’a (fish) on 3mm sterling silver chain. Standard bracelet is 7″ long, but we can make it to most lengths.


  • Mano measures 29mm long
  • I’a measures 19mm long
  • Solid sterling silver
  • Lobster clasp
  • Lead and nickel free
  • Hand carved and formed
  • Made in Hawaii
  • Looking for a matching necklace? Check out the
  • Please contact us if you’re interested in vermeil or for a larger/smaller size

Additional information

Dimensions 8.5 × 5.5 × 1.5 in
Bracelet Mix

I'a, Mano


7" bracelet, 8" bracelet

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