O Ke Kai – Shark Spine



Na Mea O Ke Kai  – Things From The Sea. A single shark vertebrae – makes an interesting addition to your O Ke Kai necklace! Ideal for shark lovers. You may be thinking, wait, shark bone? Something’s fishy… And you would be right! Sharks are cartilaginous – they have no bones.  Even shark jaws are only cartilage, but as sharks age most deposit calcium salts in their skeletal cartilage, which both hardens and allows them to fossilize. (These vertebrae were carved from photos of shark cartilage and fossils).

Choose a chain, and choose your charms, we will assemble the necklace for you. When you buy a chain with charms get 15% off the charms.

Or gift charms, with or without a chain. Mix and match to create a necklace that evolves with you. Charms are easy to put on and take off, change your look to suit your day! Wear larger or smaller designs, group many onto a link or spread them out. Endless possibilities. Choose




Customize the O Ke Kai Necklace to suit your mood, and change it up the next day. Choose from sterling silver or vermeil shark spine (a single vertebrae), solid gold on request.


  • When you purchase charms with a chain get 15% off all charms (use this link)
  • Charms are easy to remove – add or changing out your necklace takes seconds
  • All sterling silver or 18K gold vermeil – solid gold on request
  • Lead and nickel free
  • Made in Hawaii
  • More information on vermeil can be found in the blog


Additional information

Dimensions 8.5 × 5.5 × 1.5 in

Sterling silver, Gold (18K vermeil0

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