Sculpted Silver Cup Coral Earrings Crystals

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Hand-sculpted, dainty silver Cup Coral Earrings to swing gently from your ears. Light and cheerful, these earrings are perfect everyday jewelry that compliment the wearer. Despite their appearance, these don’t poke or injure when worn, and are lightweight and easy on the ears. Also check out the matching silver cup coral necklaces.

Orange Cup Coral

Orange cup coral is often found covering entire ceilings of caves in Hawaii.  Its vibrant and colorful presence is often hidden until a light is shone on it – when the apparent dull green becomes a beautifully sunny orange! Finding them with tentacles extended is a challenge during day dives as they tend to keep tentacles retracted, and only come out to feed at night. When we are able to see the out, its bright presence is always a welcome sight amidst the dark shades of green and blue.


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Our hand-sculpted silver Cup Coral Earrings are tiny sculptures of beautiful orange cup coral polyps. The master was hand sculpted polished as a wax sculpture then cast in sterling silver, and hand-finished. Each replica is finished individually – no two are exactly alike! We then cast them in low-tarnish silver, then grind, file and hand-polish each before adding a cascade of hand-wired Swarovski crystals.


  • Coral sculptures are 1.2 cm high, and reach 1.5 cm at the widest
  • Each weighs under 3 g
  • Low tarnish sterling silver
  • Hand-sculpted and cast
  • Eco-friendly Swarovski crystals
  • Lead and nickel free
  • Made in Hawaii
  • You may also like the matching cup coral necklace
  • Interested in gold or vermeil? Contact us

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Dimensions 8.5 × 5.5 × 1.5 in