Sterling Silver Swimming Honu Turtle Choker



A bold, attention-grabbing necklace for days you need to make a statement. This versatile necklace is a great contrast with feminine dresses or compliment to leather jackets, and the bright polish reflects the light for an eye-catching finish to an outfit.


Honu (Hawaiian Green Turtles)

Honu are Hawaiian green turtles, and are a source of great joy for seasoned ocean lovers and newcomers alike.  For the ancient Hawaiians, they symbolised the navigator and mankind’s eternal connection to the land and the sea. Some legends talk about how honu guided the Polynesians to Hawaii. Others talk of a honu and honu’ea (the similarly threatened hawksbill turtle) as magical beings and protectors, and their daughter Kauila as the protector of children.

These zen creatures have been swimming the sea for 150- 200 million years, but only when humans arrived did they become endangered.  By the 70’s, they were so over-hunted they became critically endangered; by 1978 Hawaii state laws had been instituted to protect them, and populations are only now making a come-back – although they are still threatened by fishing and pollution. ​Read more in our blog post.


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This Swimming Honu Turtle Choker is a small scale sculpture, carved with aloha! Beloved companions when we’re underwater, this piece is of a swimming honu as it turns. The Honu (Hawaiian for the Hawaiian green turtle) was carved with attention to scale and detail from years of dives and photographs taken in Hawaii. We painstakingly grind, file and hand-polish each casting before attaching it to a quality leather cord or silk tie with sterling silver clasp.


  • The honu pendant measures 2″/50mm at its widest
  • Low tarnish sterling silver
  • Standard length is 17″ (please let us know if you prefer a different length)
  • Leather cord is 4mm thick
  • Silk comes in three colors, and is from up cycled sari silk
  • Lead and nickel free17
  • Made in Hawaii
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  • Any questions? Just contact us

Additional information

Dimensions8.5 × 5.5 × 1.5 in

17" (regular), 19" (large)