Tiny Shell Charm Silver Necklaces – Snail, Cowry



Charming and full of sparkle, these dainty sterling silver shell necklaces are both sustainable and eco-friendly. The delicate detail on each captures the wonder of the beach without harming any sea life, and with a far lower environmental cost with crystals. Wear one with your favorite colors – want a different color combo to match an outfit? Just ask us here.

Little Snails

These little sea snails are a kind of turban shell, and are a common sight around the world.  Maybe it’s because of its ubiquity that we always get a thrill out of their perfect little spirals! They come in a range of beautiful multicoloured shades, but after they’re tumbled in the sand, the outer layer of color is removed and they end up beautifully pure white.


Tiny Cowries

Amazingly, these little shells are full adult size! Unlike the large speckled tiger cowries most people are familiar with, trivia shells like these are found in a number of places around the world, including Hawaii; Hawaiian trivias are rare to find and only reach 5mm.

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Choose from Snail or Cowry charms in our Tiny Shell Charm Silver Necklaces with eco-friendly Swarovski Crystals. Pure lovely sterling silver and colourful sparkly crystals are a delight together. Our shells are found empty on the reef; we never take things alive from the sea. After making molds from these perfect little shells, we make wax copies and add loops by hand before casting them in low-tarnish sterling silver. After finishing the charm, we add hand-wrapped Swarovski Crystals for a splashy cascade of color.


  • Little Snails are approx 8 mm across
  • Tiny Cowries each measure 7 x10mm
  • Cast in low tarnish sterling silver
  • Sterling silver chain and wires
  • Eco-friendly Swarovski crystals
  • Lead and nickel free (Swarovski crystals are now virtually lead-free)
  • Made in Hawaii
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  • Interested in earrings? Try the matching snail, cowry or cup coral earrings
  • Questions or to request gold, please contact us

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Dimensions 8.5 × 5.5 × 1.5 in

Little Snail, Tiny Cowry


16", 18"