‘Ahi Capsule Collection

These pieces were inspired by the iconic and powerful yellowfin tuna. Prized by the Hawaiians for both sport fishing and food, these fierce hunters are worthy opponents. We especially loved their amazing yellow fins – the big fins are much much longer than most fish, in mature ‘ahi they grow to nearly the tail! And then there are the little triangles behind the long fins; these are actually called finlets. Mirroring the strength of sharks teeth, they have the power to steer a 400lb tuna, yet are a soft and yielding fin. Wonderful!

Wear these feminine and yet fierce pieces when you need an extra boost of confidence – when you need to be bold and iconic, or just to stand out a little bit! Channel the power of the ‘Ahi.


Ahi Finlet Necklace
ahi lava necklace
ahi finlet trio
ahi Lariat
ahi long pendant
4 lava ahi necklace
Ahi Earrings