Byzantine Chain Maille Shark Necklace

A chain maille weave from long ago, the byzantine chain is a luxuriously heavy, hand-woven chain of argentium sterling silver. Chain maille evolved across cultures and lands to be protection for warriors and knights – why not keep that tradition alive? Be fierce, confident and empowered. In a tough world, this may be the best kind of jewelry out there!

Our hand-woven chains come with hand-formed and forged argentium sterling clasps (see below), and we also offer a simpler Double Chain weave. To make the chains, we start with beautiful argentium wire, cut hundreds of rings with a saw, and hand-weave them into beautiful shiny chain. Prefer gold? Contact us for a quote.

Byzantine chain maille lemon shark necklace
double chain maille oceanic blacktip
clasp for chain maille
double chain maille lemon shark