Honu Ohana on Niobium Sea

A family of Honu (Hawaiian green turtles) gather on a sea of Niobium, a beautiful metal that changes color when anodized. Little honu sculptures set in hand-woven chain maille, this is a unique and comfortable necklace.

Honu are beloved and soulful and mysterious all at once. Once thriving in the Hawaiian Islands, they were hunted till very nearly extinct. Local movements moved policy to create protections since the 1970’s. This has been a hard-earned battle, but while the tide on hunting has turned, and populations are on the rise, honu and honu’ea (hawksbill turtles) are now plagued by pollution and debris that threaten them with illness and injuries. And yet, like the wise man in the forest, they are ever calm, ever tolerant of us. We gaze in their eyes seeking answers. What we find are more questions, and a desire for the peace they seem to find.

Honu ohana row
Honu ohana niobium hanging