Kohola (whales)+ Nai’a (dolphins)

Whales and dolphins are both marine mammals, or cetaceans. Cetaceans are famous for their intelligence and complex social behaviour, including living and hunting as families and caring for their young. Both are well known and deeply loved in Hawaii. Of the whales, the most commonly seen are the humpbacks that grace our waters November through May (most January through March), possibly because they make such a spectacle when they breach! But there are actually 18 kinds of toothed whales and 6 kinds of other baleen whales that have been documented in Hawaii and probably live here year round (Humpbacks make 7).

Equally, Nai’a or Hawaiian Dolphins, are adored for their cheeky antics. Chatty and intelligent, Nai’a are not just social, they can be just as fierce as sharks. Their anatomically fixed ‘smiles’ have made them a favorite of humans so they need little introduction – as beautiful communal mammals, they stay with their young, and nurse their weak. They live and hunt in packs, often coordinating their movements. We believe these, along with all cetaceans and sharks, belong in the wild ocean and not held in captivity.

  • O Ke Kai whale tail

    O Ke Kai – Kohola Whale Tail

  • O Ke Kai Naia dolphin charms

    O Ke Kai – Naia Dolphins

  • O Ke Kai kohola + Baby

    O Ke Kai – Kohola Humpback + Baby

  • O Ke Kai Kohola humpback

    O Ke Kai – Kohola Humpback Whale

  • Naia Pod 3

    We Are Family 3- Spinner Dolphins

  • Naia Pod 2

    We Are Family 2- Spinner Dolphins

  • Naia Pod 1

    We Are Family – Spinner Dolphins

  • dolphin ohana vertical

    Naia Ohana Vertical – Spinner Dolphins

  • Dolphin ohana

    Naia Ohana – Spinner Dolphins

  • Alohi Kai naia spinner dolphin earrings Gold

    Nai’a Spinner Dolphin Drop Earrings

  • Alohi Kai naia spinner dolphin necklace whole

    Nai’a Spinner Dolphin Necklace

  • Surfing Nai'a Dolphin Ring

    Surfing Nai’a Dolphin Ring

  • AK kohola+baby drop ear gold

    Koholā Humpback Whale + Baby Drop Earrings

  • kohola earrings hanging

    Kohola Humpback Whale Drop Earrings

  • AK whale tail adj bracelet duo

    Slap Whale Tail Suede Bracelets + Anklets

  • AK kohola bracelet 2

    Kohola Humpback Whale Bracelet

  • AK kohola whale tail ADJ bracelet whole

    Slap Whale Tail Adjustable Bracelet

  • AK kohola+baby bracelet close

    Kohola Humpback Whale + Baby Bracelet

  • AK kohola necklace 1

    Kohola Humpback Whale Necklace

  • AK kohola whale tail on chain

    Slap Whale Tail Necklace

  • AK kohola + baby gold side

    Kohola Humpback Whale + Baby Necklace