The Ola Collection – Everyday Luxury

Ola has many meanings in Hawaiian, – life and well-being; heal, survive, thrive. This collection of 4 core elements is about gratitude, and paying tribute to essential resources of Hawaii.   Representing reef wildlife, Tako (he’e or octopus) symbolizes wisdom and complexity, representing plant life, ‘pregnant’ Limu (limu manauea, made famous in poke) symbolizes rebirth, representing the deep ocean, ‘Ahi (yellowfin tuna) symbolizing speed and power, and representing the source of life, Wai (water) symbolizing simplicity and purity.

Everyday luxe – Ola designs are elegant, sleek and meaningful, celebrating the ocean’s sustaining role to us all.

The ‘Ahi Capsule

The Limu (Seaweed) Capsule

The Tako (He’e, Octopus) Capsule

The Wai Capsule

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