Giving Back & Conservation

At ‘Alohi Kai we try to spend as many hours underwater as much as we can spare, but this also means we see the pollution and damage being done to marine life. We desperately want to keep the ocean and marine life healthy so we support conservation efforts where we can. Below are some of the ways we contribute to these causes; we are continually updating our work in this area so do check back!

Alas, there are more monsters on land than the sea.  When we are able, we also like to work with charities that we feel are aligned with our values, and who combat those monsters, regardless of size or power.

Barbless Circle Hook Bracelets

Our Barbless Circle Hook bracelets (BCH) were designed with conservation in mind. We donate a percent of every BCH bracelet to organisations that look after marine life that are harmed by fishing hooks.

We have a display of information at most events and are in the process of building more relationships in this area. Do ask us more if you have any questions – if we don’t know the answers, we’re happy to refer you to organisations that do.

​Our selected beneficiary organisations vary, if you have one you would like to propose, please get in touch with us! In the mean time, check out our blog posts about the pros and cons of barbed and barbless hooks if you want to know more.

Dive into the Pink

Dive into the Pink, Inc. was started in 2015 by Allison Vitsky, a breast cancer survivor, veteran scuba diver, and underwater photographer, who wanted to raise money to fight cancer in an unconventional way – by going scuba diving with friends.

With all of their work, 100% of the proceeds goes towards survivor support and breast cancer research. Their funds are split between the Young Survival Coalition (YSC) and the Guise Laboratory at Indiana University.  The YSC is an international organization dedicated to the critical issues of young women with breast cancer – specifically, we support and promote the YSC’s incredible patient support network. The Guise Laboratory is part of the Department of Endocrinology at Indiana University; funds are earmarked for a project examining whether characteristics of the bone marrow microenvironment can alter or promote the spread of breast and other cancers to the bones.

‘Alohi Kai donates products to their annual auction, but starting in 2018 we’ve designed a bracelet for them with all profits going to their beneficiaries. They are a salary-free, low-administrative cost 501c3 organization.