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pipefish cuff bracelet

WOW!!  It’s stunning!!  Thank you so much for sharing the pictures.  I absolutely love everything that you make and everything that you’re about and I know that Mia will too.   When I came across your website I knew that I had found what I was looking for.  The hardest part was choosing one piece from all of the amazing choices!  Your jewelry is incredible but the heart and feeling and love behind it is even more moving.  I was looking for a special piece that was more than just pretty and I am so happy to have found it.  I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to give the perfect graduation gift.  Your passion and love of the ocean comes through in your work and I wish you continued success!


“I love the feel, weight and beauty of them. They are gorgeous and functional! They are a work of art.” 


Oceanic Blacktip Shark pendant
pipefish cuff bracelet

Mahalo nui!!! I received the necklace yesterday and I am in love with it 💗the picture online is beautiful, more so in person. I actually bought this for my daughter as a birthday gift (she is a hard kid to shop for) who’s birthday is towards the end of September. I wish these days to go by faster so I can see her face when she opens her gift, I’m betting on tears of joy from her 😊 


I just wanted to write and tell you how much I love the package you sent!  The cufflinks are DIVINE, and I have no doubts that [husband] will love them!  The lariat and the honu rings are also lovely!
Thank you so much for the beautiful package.

Oceanic Blacktip Shark pendant
Oceanic Blacktip Shark pendant

He truthfully does not want to part with it.  I appreciate all of your help.  You do have one happy customer here… He hasnt taken it off!”


It’s seriously my favorite rings EVER besides my engagement rings!

I could never afford/justify my purchase of your gorgeous jewelry until now (and I hope I can continue to because EVERYONE asks about it and where I got it)


pipefish cuff bracelet
Oceanic Blacktip Shark pendant

Hola Shera… just a quick thank you for taking care of me and my precious piece of life.  i defintely will wear it with pride.  your workmanship is outstanding and i appreciate it.  do take care and stay well.  your underwater photos are next to none.


​The bracelet fits perfectly and she loves it! So I’m kind of like a minor hero now.


pipefish cuff bracelet
Oceanic Blacktip Shark pendant

My wife purchased the oceanic black tip shark necklace for my Christmas gift!!! Absolutely magnificent!!! Like the weight of the shark and design is stunning!!!! Perfect gift!


​I got my bracelet in today’s mail…so quick! I LOVE, LOVE LOVE it!!! So happy I got the gray too … it looks really awesome with the silver and more feminine than a darker color or brown would have


BCH heart bracelet
Oceanic Blacktip Shark pendant
I just wanted to let you know that the sharks arrived safe and sound, and [name’s] office LOVED them!!  I took a quick peek at the necklaces before [name] delivered them, and they are truly beautiful, unusual, and so very Hawaiian.  🙂
Thank you so much for the wonderful necklaces—they brought much joy into an office on the mainland!

​I work in the ER, and I wanted you to know this helps my patients! They focus on the shark and it gives them something to talk about…It also protects me! Good things happen when I wear it.


Oceanic Blacktip necklace
Hamerhead pendant

Awesome product. Thanks for beautiful work! Our swimmer team is the hammerheads and i will be wearing the necklace at everyyyyyyyy meet!!!


I love love love my octopus cuff! So many compliments!


Octopus cuff gold

Just wanted to let you know the pendant was beautiful and [my girlfriend] loved it!


​I am wearing the shark today and am still struck by its cleanness of design… You have really managed to capture the elegance and simplicity of the shark’s form, and silver is a perfect medium for it – it catches the light as though filtered through the water. It’s also nicely weighted for its size – substantial, but not too heavy.  I do love it.


Oceanic Blacktip necklace
Box jelly choker

​I love Shera’s art, particularly the box jelly. It’s so cute, clinging to my necklace. Marvelous.


​I wanted to express how absolutely gorgeous this pendant is, with such attention to detail

Lucy C

Blue shark pendant
pipefish cuff bracelet

it’s perfect and it’s everything I wanted as a elegant accessory that means something to me to wear on my right hand at my wedding!


thanks again for the high level of customer service. You have been amazing to work with and made this transaction a smooth one for me!”


Hohonu adj bracelet manta on brown suede
Box jelly choker

​I love this jewelry. As for the necklace, it’s so much better than I remember!


​I love my lemon shark


Lemon Shark pendant