This collection differs from the rest of ‘Alohi Kai’s jewelry in that they incorporate high quality plating such as rhodium, ruthenium (both part of the platinum family of metals) and 18K gold. As with all ‘Alohi Kai jewelry however, these are still hand sculpted, and never contain any nickel. Why is this collection called Scutes you may ask? Scutes are actually bony plates found in a turtle’s carapace, under the boxfish’s skin, and even crocodiles. (so plates, plated jewelry…)

  • Hohonu adj Knobby Sea Star Bracelet

    Adjustable Knobby Sea Star Bracelet

  • Hohonu adj tiny honu turtle charm bracelet suede

    Adjustable Tiny Honu Turtle Charm Bracelet

  • Hohonu Hahalua Flying Manta Ray Charm Bracelet

    Hahalua Flying Manta Ray Charm Bracelet

  • Hohonu Hahalua Flying Manta Ray Earrings

    Hahalua Flying Manta Ray Earrings

  • Alohi Kai manta pendant gold top

    Hahalua Flying Manta Ray Necklace

  • Hohonu adj bracelet manta on brown suede

    Hahalua Manta Ray Adjustable Bracelet

  • sea star bamboo cord pull bracelets

    Knobby Sea Star Bamboo Pull Bracelet

  • Hohonu Sea Star threaders

    Knobby Sea Star Earrings + Threaders

  • Hohonu Knobby sea star necklace close

    Little Knobby Sea Star Necklace

  • Hohonu Tiny Honu gold threaders

    Tiny Honu Earrings + Threaders

  • Hohonu Tiny Honu Turtle Necklace close up

    Tiny Honu Turtle Necklace

  • honu bamboo cord pull bracelets

    Tiny Turtle Bamboo Pull Bracelet