Sharks + Rays

This is where our story began, a love affair with the long-misunderstood shark. For Hawaiians, sharks (mano) are seen as a symbol of power and protection rather than as a menace. Powerful apex predators, sharks live in a world of hunt or be hunted, and thus evolved to be some of the most efficient predators we know. While some sharks are reef dwellers, most are deep sea, or pelagic creatures. Wherever they live, they function to keep the seas healthy – culling the sick and weak, thereby producing stronger fish stock, which directly affect the health of reefs and oceans. Healthy seas affects our weather which affects our crops. Saving and protecting sharks help not just the seas, but us on land as well. Powerful, independent and fierce, sharks are a force to be admired and celebrated, but definitely also protected. Along the way we branched out to their much-loved relations the rays (hihimanu, hahalua, lupe). For scale, here are our sharks by size.

Alohi Kai - all sharks by size
  • Alohi Kai three holiday cards

    ‘Alohi Kai Greeting Cards – 3 Designs

  • Be a shark - tiger shark

    ‘Be A Shark’ Bracelet

  • photo of galapagos shark

    Beneath The Surface – Galapagos Shark

  • AK Blue Shark cufflinks gold II

    Blade Blue Shark Cufflinks

  • Photo of Tiger shark from above

    Blue Majesty – Tiger Shark

  • Blue shark ear cuff 2

    Blue Shark Ear Cuff

  • AK blue shark post earrings

    Blue Shark Post Earrings

  • Curious galapagos shark

    Curiosity – Galapagos Shark

  • AK Deep blue side view

    Deep Blue – Great White Shark Necklace

  • AK manta wrap leather DITP

    Dive into the Pink Manta Wrap Bracelet

  • AK blue shark ring duo 1

    Elegant Blue Shark Ring

  • Great Hammerhead post earrings SS

    Great Hammerhead Climber Earrings

  • AK great hammerhead anklet

    Great Hammerhead Shark Anklet

  • AK great hammerhead link bracelet - circle

    Great Hammerhead Shark Link Bracelet

  • AK great hammerhead solo link bracelet

    Great Hammerhead Solo Link Bracelet

  • AK Deep blue earrings front

    Great White Deep Blue Earrings

  • Hohonu Hahalua Flying Manta Ray Charm Bracelet

    Hahalua Flying Manta Ray Charm Bracelet

  • Hohonu Hahalua Flying Manta Ray Earrings

    Hahalua Flying Manta Ray Earrings

  • Alohi Kai manta pendant gold top

    Hahalua Flying Manta Ray Necklace

  • Hohonu adj bracelet manta on brown suede

    Hahalua Manta Ray Adjustable Bracelet

  • AK Hammerhead knuckleduster ring silver gold tops

    Hammerhead Shark Ring – Knuckleduster

  • hihimanu bracelet 1

    Hihimanu Spotted Eagle Ray Bracelet

  • AK hihimanu eagle ray left

    Hihimanu Spotted Eagle Ray Necklaces

  • Just cruising - galapagos sharks

    Just Cruising – Galapagos Sharks

  • Manta Safari

  • tiger shark necklace side

    Niuhi -Tiger Shark Necklace

  • niuhi tiger shark ear cuff 2

    Niuhi Tiger Ear Cuff

  • tiger shark earrings

    Niuhi Tiger Shark Earrings

  • Photo of Tiger shark swimming toward camera

    Nosey Cat – Tiger Shark

  • O ke kai baby stingray with clasp

    O Ke Kai – Baby Stingray

  • O Ke Kai blue shark curvy with clasp

    O Ke Kai – Blue Shark Curvy

  • O Ke Kai blue shark wavy with clasp

    O Ke Kai – Blue Shark Wavy

  • O Ke Kai Great Hammerhead

    O Ke Kai – Great Hammerhead

  • O Ke Kai Great White shark

    O Ke Kai – Great White

  • O Ke Kai Hihimanu eagle ray with clasp

    O Ke Kai – Hihimanu Eagle Ray

  • O Ke Kai manta ray with clasp

    O Ke Kai – Manta Ray

  • O Ke Kai eagle ray with clasp

    O Ke Kai – Petite Spotted Eagle Ray

  • O Ke Kai scalloped hammerhead

    O Ke Kai – Scalloped Hammerhead

  • O Ke Kai tigershark tooth

    O Ke Kai – Tiger Shark Tooth

  • Whale shark charm

    O Ke Kai – Whale Shark

  • Alohi Kai oceanic blacktip necklaces

    Oceanic Blacktip Shark Necklace

  • Alohi Kai ombre manta photo

    Ombre Ocean Manta Ray

  • hohonu SER petite spotted eagle ray

    Petite Spotted Eagle Ray Necklace

  • scalloped hammerhead ear cuff up

    Scalloped Hammerhead Shark Ear Cuff

  • Alohi Kai scalloped hammerhead necklace - gold

    Scalloped Hammerhead Shark Necklace

  • scalloped hammerhead ring up

    Scalloped Hammerhead Shark Ring

  • AK blue shark cuff gold VII

    Sinuous Blue Shark Cuff

  • AK blue shark necklaces silver gold III

    Small and Fierce Blue Shark Necklaces

  • AK manta 5 link bracelet whole

    Soaring Manta Ray Link Bracelet

  • 'Alohi Kai manta ray link necklace

    Soaring Manta Ray Link Necklace

  • Alohi Kai manta solo link gold - front

    Soaring Manta Solo Link Bracelet

  • Sorry, Not Leaving Signs

  • SER drop earrings 2

    Spotted Eagle Ray Drop Earrings

  • AK thresher ear cuff pair, gold

    Thresher Shark Ear Cuffs

  • tiger shark tooth- compare chains

    Tiger Shark Tooth Necklace

  • whale shark ear cuff right

    Whale Shark Ear Cuff

  • whale shark necklace gold side

    Whale Shark Necklace

  • whale shark solo link bracelets

    Whale Shark Solo Link Bracelet