Liminal Ocean

Liminal ocean – the edge of water. The horizon, the shoreline, the surface – where the water kisses the sand, and like a tease, retreats again and again. Or how the water pushes against the air, sometimes serene and glassy, other times full of energy and violence. In many ways, these are places of making and unmaking. Of being one and transforming to another and a place of careful balance. Too much water, birds drown, too much air egg cases or mollusks dry out. But also a place to thrive – turtles, penguins, seals, dolphins and other marine mammals all need both air and ocean to survive.

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  • AK honu iki necklace close

    Honu Iki Little Turtle Necklace

  • Alohi Kai honu iki solo link bracelets gold-silver

    Honu Iki Turtle Solo Link Bracelet

  • Hawaiian Monk Seal close front I

    Bijou Hawaiian Monk Seal Necklace

  • Hohonu Tiny Honu Turtle Necklace close up

    Tiny Honu Turtle Necklace

  • AK honu iki earrings II

    Honu Iki Baby Turtle Earrings

  • AK tiny honu post earrings 2

    Tiny Honu Turtle Post Earrings

  • Tiny honu ear cuff 2

    Tiny Honu Turtle Ear Cuff

  • H bijoux adj bracelet seal grey

    Bijou Hawaiian Monk Seal Adjustable Suede Bracelet

  • pohinahina compare necklaces gold

    Pohinahina Necklaces

  • honu iki anklet 1

    Honu Iki Turtle Anklet

  • Monk seal drop earrings gold 2

    Bijou Hawaiian Monk Seal Drop Earrings

  • iliahi necklace gold

    ‘Iliahialo’e Sandalwood Necklace

  • reef blue tourmaline necklace whole

    Reef Blue Tourmaline Necklace

  • Sorry, Not Leaving Signs

  • Alohi Kai penguin skull chain whole

    King Penguin Skull Necklace

  • Tiny Honu Stacker Ring

    Tiny Honu Stacker Ring Sterling Silver

  • AK honu cufflinks gold III

    Honu Iki Little Turtle Cufflinks

  • Nanu gold + blue topaz earrings

    Nānū – Hawaiian Gardenia Drop Earrings

  • Nanu necklaces with citrine and blue topaz

    Nānū – Hawaiian Gardenia Necklace

  • Medium Pohinahina earrings

    Pua Pohinahina Drop Earrings

  • O Ke Kai Lei - iliahialoe sandalwood charm with clasp

    O Ke Kai – ‘Iliahialo’e Sandalwood Flower

  • O Ke Kai Lei - pohinahina charms with clasp Medium

    O Ke Kai – Pohinahina Flowers

  • ohai necklace gold

    ‘Ohai Necklace

  • O Ke Kai Lei - ohai charms with clasp (sides)

    O Ke Kai – ‘Ohai Flower

  • Alohi Kai swimming honu on chain

    ‘Au’au Swimming Honu Turtle Necklace

  • Bijou Hawaiian Monk Seal Post Earrings

  • AK honu iki link bracelet circle

    Honu Iki Turtle Chain Bracelet

  • AK honu ohana niobium whole

    Honu Ohana Turtle Statement Necklace