The Ola Collection – Limu

Ola has many meanings in Hawaiian, among them are life, health, well-being; alive, living; heal, survive, thrive. Each design in the Ola Collection is inspired by something that sustained and helped the Hawaiians thrive.

Limu (seaweed) was an important part of Hawaiian life, the third primary component of a nutritionally balanced diet consisting of fish and poi. But it was not only eaten as food, but used as medicine and in ritual as well. On the reef, it provides food and shelter for small fish, and is the foundation of the reef’s food chain. This particular seaweed is called Limu Manauea, an endemic red algae found along Hawai’i’s shorelines, most famous as an ingredient to make poke. Crunchy & healthy, limu manauea is over-harvested due to its popularity so it’s illegal to gather it when in its reproductive stage (when it has bumps).