$50 – $100

Great for gifts! These designs are between $50 – $100, and come with photo cards and free gift boxing.

  • AK limu ombre blade row

    Limu Manauea Seaweed Blade Adjustable Rings

  • O Ke Kai paperclip chain options

    O Ke Kai Paperclip Necklace

  • Hohonu Kialoa paddle earrings gold post crossed2

    Kialoa Paddle Earrings

  • Hohonu Hahalua Flying Manta Ray Earrings

    Hahalua Flying Manta Ray Earrings

  • Alohi kai wai ring multi size stack

    Ola Wai Water Rings

  • Alohi Kai 14k gold hearts

    Floating Hearts Necklaces

  • Alohi Kai manta pendant gold top

    Hahalua Flying Manta Ray Necklace

  • AK thresher ear cuff pair, gold

    Thresher Shark Ear Cuffs

  • mermaid ring - London blue topaz 4mm

    Mermaid Soul Adjustable Ring

  • stingray drop earrings gold 2

    Bijou Baby Stingray Drop Earrings

  • O Ke Kai Naia dolphin charms

    O Ke Kai – Naia Dolphins

  • kialoa canoe necklace close

    Kialoa Outrigger Canoe Necklace

  • bryozoan necklace - gold, close up

    Bijou Bryozoan Necklace

  • hohonu SER petite spotted eagle ray

    Petite Spotted Eagle Ray Necklace

  • O Ke Kai honu iki - little turtle

    O Ke Kai – Honu Turtles

  • AK mushroom coral studs 1

    Tiny Mushroom Coral Stud Earrings

  • O Ke Kai Kohola humpback

    O Ke Kai – Kohola Humpback Whale

  • AK ola wai small earrings gold

    Ola Wai Small Post Earrings

  • Night Blooming Cereus necklace, right

    Night Blooming Cereus Jewelry

  • Kialoa Canoe and Paddle Earrings

    Kialoa Outrigger Canoe and Paddle Earrings

  • AK mushroom coral small close

    Tiny Mushroom Coral Pendant Necklace

  • AK mushroom coral stacker rings silver gold

    Tiny Mushroom Coral Stacker Ring

  • O Ke Kai Eagleray charm

    O Ke Kai – Petite Spotted Eagle Ray

  • Night octopus necklace GOLD close 2

    Night Octopus Necklace

  • stingray necklace gold closer

    Bijou Baby Stingray Necklace

  • Hawaiian Monk Seal close front I

    Bijou Hawaiian Monk Seal Necklace

  • Hohonu Knobby Sea Star Stacker Ring

    Knobby Sea Star Stacker Ring

  • Tiny Honu Stacker Ring

    Tiny Honu Stacker Ring Sterling Silver

  • O Ke Kai Wa'a canoe

    O Ke Kai – Canoe

  • O Ke Kai Monk Seal

    O Ke Kai – Monk Seal

  • AK tiny honu post earrings 2

    Tiny Honu Turtle Post Earrings

  • AK kohola whale tail on chain

    Slap Whale Tail Necklace

  • Alohi Kai Limu Rings Mix Stack 2

    Limu Manauea Seaweed Branched Adjustable Rings

  • Kialoa Canoe and Paddle Necklace on leather

    Kialoa Outrigger Canoe and Paddle Necklace

  • Hohonu Knobby sea star necklace close

    Little Knobby Sea Star Necklace

  • AK mano chain bracelet 3 side

    Mano I’a Simple Bracelets

  • Kialoa Outrigger Canoe and Paddle Adjustable Bracelet QUAD

    Kialoa Outrigger Canoe and Paddle Adjustable Bracelet

  • O Ke Kai shark spine charm

    O Ke Kai – Shark Spine

  • Ola Wai Simplicity necklace Gold close

    Ola Wai Water Simplicity Necklace

  • Hohonu Sea Star threaders

    Knobby Sea Star Earrings + Threaders

  • AK whale tail adj bracelet duo

    Slap Whale Tail Suede Bracelets + Anklets

  • Tiny honu ear cuff 2

    Tiny Honu Turtle Ear Cuff

  • Hohonu Tiny Honu gold threaders

    Tiny Honu Earrings + Threaders

  • O Ke Kai tiny mushroom coral

    O Ke Kai – Tiny Mushroom Coral

  • O Ke Kai tigershark tooth

    O Ke Kai – Tiger Shark Tooth

  • O Ke Kai whale tail

    O Ke Kai – Kohola Whale Tail

  • seahorse ear cuff 2

    Petite Seahorse Ear Cuff

  • H bijoux stingray boxchain bracelet front

    Bijou Baby Stingray Adjustable Silver Bracelet

  • AK manta wrap leather DITP

    Dive into the Pink Manta Wrap Bracelet

  • BCH I water drops

    Water Drops BCH Wrap Bracelet

  • AK tiny shells ear cuffs

    Sterling Silver Tiny Shells Ear Cuffs

  • O Ke Kai octocoral

    O Ke Kai – Blue Soft Coral

  • O Ke Kai sea star

    O Ke Kai – Sea Star

  • O Ke Kai baby stingray

    O Ke Kai – Baby Stingray

  • Surfing Nai'a Dolphin Ring

    Surfing Nai’a Dolphin Ring

  • seahorse necklace - oxidized

    Petite Seahorse Necklace Sterling Silver

  • Sea star ear cuff 1

    Knobby Sea Star Ear Cuff

  • Hohonu Tiny Honu Turtle Necklace close up

    Tiny Honu Turtle Necklace

  • Hohonu Hahalua Flying Manta Ray Charm Bracelet

    Hahalua Flying Manta Ray Charm Bracelet

  • BCH M blue melee

    Blue Melee BCH Wrap Bracelet

  • BCH B persimmon sunrise

    Persimmon Sunrise BCH Wrap Bracelet

  • BCH F reef fiesta

    Reef Fiesta BCH Wrap Bracelet

  • BCH P crystal blue

    Crystal Blue BCH Wrap Bracelet

  • H bijoux adj bracelet seal grey

    Bijou Hawaiian Monk Seal Adjustable Suede Bracelet

  • BCH L cherry sunrise

    Cherry Sunset BCH Wrap Bracelet

  • BCH K ametrine

    Ametrine BCH Wrap Bracelet

  • BCH E coming up roses

    Coming Up Roses BCH Wrap Bracelet

  • BCH C ocean breeze

    Ocean Breeze BCH Wrap Bracelet

  • O Ke Kai seahorse

    O Ke Kai – Seahorse

  • BCH H watermelon

    Watermelon BCH Wrap Bracelet

  • BCH D neptunes joy

    Neptune’s Joy BCH Wrap Bracelet