Honu (Turtles) & He’e (octopuses) 

Beloved reef dwellers! We are so fortunate to have beautiful reefs in Hawaii as well as an abundance of Honu and He’e to light up our dives.

  • Alohi Kai swimming honu on chain

    ‘Au’au Swimming Honu Turtle Necklace

  • Hohonu adj tiny honu turtle charm bracelet suede

    Adjustable Tiny Honu Turtle Charm Bracelet

  • Photo of two honu buddies

    Camaraderie – Honu Sea Turtles

  • AK honu iki earrings II

    Honu Iki Baby Turtle Earrings

  • AK honu cufflinks gold III

    Honu Iki Little Turtle Cufflinks

  • AK honu iki necklace close

    Honu Iki Little Turtle Necklace

  • honu iki anklet 1

    Honu Iki Turtle Anklet

  • AK honu iki link bracelet circle

    Honu Iki Turtle Chain Bracelet

  • Alohi Kai honu iki solo link bracelets gold-silver

    Honu Iki Turtle Solo Link Bracelet

  • AK honu ohana niobium whole

    Honu Ohana Turtle Statement Necklace

  • O Ke Kai Honus with clasps

    O Ke Kai – Honu Turtles

  • AK tako ear cuff pair

    Sculpted Octopus Ear Cuff

  • ola tako gold bangle

    Sculptural Ola Bangle – Tako Octopus

  • Tiny Honu Stacker Ring

    Tiny Honu Stacker Ring Sterling Silver

  • Tiny honu ear cuff 2

    Tiny Honu Turtle Ear Cuff

  • Hohonu Tiny Honu Turtle Necklace close up

    Tiny Honu Turtle Necklace

  • AK tiny honu post earrings 2

    Tiny Honu Turtle Post Earrings

  • honu bamboo cord pull bracelets

    Tiny Turtle Bamboo Pull Bracelet

  • silver octopus cuff

    Undulating Sculpted Octopus Cuff Bracelet