Giving back

Barbless Circle Hook (BCH) Bracelets – We started this line of wrap bracelets to help raise awareness of the impacts that fishing hooks have on wild life here in Hawaii. We started seeing a vast increase in hooked honu and baby sharks on our dives. Hooks can create a variety of problems for marinelife, including preventing feeding, reproduction and hunting, while hooks with lines can cause animals to get entangled in coral, with similar effects, but the corals are then damaged. (read about it in our blog) We donate a portion of every sale to help protect animals in danger of getting hooked, and use argentium sterling (a kind of lower tarnish recycled silver) to make our hook clasps. 

Monk Seals – one of the most endangered seals in the world, the Hawaiian Monk Seal is one of only two remaining (extant) monk seals. They were put on the endangered species list in 1976 but are still struggling and number around 1300 individuals. A percentage of every monk seal we sell will go toward monk seal conservation.

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