Water, Jellies & Mermaids

Like magic of the ocean, water, jellies and sirens are boundless. You can often see it – but not hold it. Touch it but not capture it. Understand it but not possess it. There, but not. You can make any number of arguments on either side, but we think its all magic, the deep blue, calls of the siren, and yes even beautiful jellies!

  • ball of jacks in the deep reef

    Deep Jacks – Bigeye Trevally Ball

  • water detail

    Fresh and Salty – Ocean

  • Alohi Kai Vortex ring stack

    Gold Vortex Ring

  • Photo of an ahi and akule shoal

    Leader Of The Pack – ‘Ahi

  • mermaid ring - London blue topaz 4mm

    Mermaid Soul Adjustable Ring

  • Mermaid soul ring with london blue topaz in gold - front

    Mermaid Soul Adjustable Ring – Vermeil

  • alohi kai mermaid soul hoops gold - one up and down

    Mermaid Soul Hoop Earrings

  • Ola Wai Long Earrings with Blue Sapphires

  • AK Ola Wai wired earrings med 1

    Ola Wai Medium Dangle Earrings

  • AK Ola Wai post earrings med 2

    Ola Wai Medium Post Earrings

  • AK ola wai small earrings gold

    Ola Wai Small Post Earrings

  • Alohi kai wai ring multi size stack

    Ola Wai Water Rings

  • Ola Wai Simplicity necklace Gold close

    Ola Wai Water Simplicity Necklace

  • AK Ola Wai Trio Necklace Gold 2 close

    Ola Wai Water Trio Necklace

  • photo of Ulua Aukea - great trevally

    Pacing – Ulua Aukea

  • reef blue tourmaline necklace whole

    Reef Blue Tourmaline Necklace

  • ola wai gold

    Sculptural Ola Bangle – Wai

  • AK box jelly long necklace

    Small Box Jelly Long Necklace

  • ball of jacks in the sun

    Sunny Jacks – Bigeye Trevally Ball