Introducing the new line from ‘Alohi Kai, the Ahi Yellowfin collection! Spring is giving way to summer, and its finally time to unveil part of what we’ve been working on. I’d been really pining for some deep blue diving, which always turns my mind to inhabitants of the deep. We know so little of these charismatic mysterious creatures – pelagic manta rays, requiem sharks, and yes, yellowfin tuna.

There are a few big game fish that are very important to Hawaii people, and it turns out they were also important to ancient Hawaiians. One of these is ‘ahi, aka yellowfin tuna, the powerhouse hunter. Super fast, solid muscle, these are intimidating and awe-inspiring to see in action. A powerful fish, only the largest predators – false killer whales, large sharks and fish – can hunt them when mature. One of the reasons they escape most predators is that they are one of the few warm-blooded fish!

In addition to their impressive physical prowess, visually they’re quite striking. With a metallic-looking deep blue body those iconic bright yellow fins and finlets stand out. On mature fish, the dorsal and pectoral fins are incredibly long (the top and side fins) and brightly coloured. Longer than on bluefin tuna. In fact, they can get so long that they nearly reach the tail!

So with that big inspiration, I designed the ‘Ahi Collection. I wanted pieces for women that were light and feminine to wear but fierce as ‘Ahi can be. Some are great for both men and women. Pound for pound ‘ahi are thought to be the strongest of the big game tunas, able to co-exist in groups as well as independently. Their beauty lies in their strong agility and stark profile, unapologetic and proud. So the ‘Ahi line is feminine and strong, lithe and powerful, easy to wear yet bold.

Alohi Kai long ahi pendant
Alohi Kai 3 star-set finlet necklace, sapphires and blue topaz

About ‘Ahi

Fish were a primary food source for ancient Hawaiians. ‘Ahi (yellowfin tuna) were especially esteemed – thrilling as sport fishing and delicious to eat. Ahi are a deep sea dwellers; while spending 85% at less than 300 ft, they are known to go deeper than 3800 ft! These fast, sleek and powerful predators can get up to 75 km/h (47 mph. Named ‘yellow fin’ for their iconic yellow fins and finlets, they are smaller than the closely related and endangered bluefin tuna. Yellow fin often school with other tuna and fish, and sometimes even join dolphins! Once plentiful, they are greatly over-fished and are considered Near Threatened.

Ahi schooling

The Jewelry

The long pendant are the iconic finlets in an icicle shaped pendant. Hanging on a fine, beautiful 30″ silver cable chain, this gets remarks whenever I wear it. (because of course, we test drive all our work!) There are options for an 18″ and simple leather cord as well. Hand carved, cast in solid sterling silver, this is a light and strong necklace.

The finlet lariat is a 20″ chain with a 4″ drop. This features a ‘finlet’ pendant set with a blue topaz, blue sapphire or diamond as an accent stone. This chain is lovely! Little twists in the chain make it strong, textural and light. Wear one with the long pendant for lovely contrast! The necklace is finished with a sweet little sapphire at the bottom of the drop.

Finally, the earrings. Simple, elegant, and really quite light on the ears. These are hand carved and cast in lovely sterling. We coat them to increase the longevity of the beautiful silver finish.

More pieces are in the works, stay tuned!

Alohi Kai Ahi Yellowfin Silver and lava necklace
'Alohi Kai Ahi finlet lariat twist
Alohi Kai Ahi long pendant
Alohi Kai 3 star-set finlet pendants
Alohi Kai Ahi Earrings
Alohi Kai ahi 4lava and long pendant
Alohi Kai uw model with lariat and 30" chain