Hawaiian Fish

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  • ak ahi lariat 1

    Ahi Yellowfin Delicate Finlet Lariat

  • AK ahi climbers gold2

    Ahi Yellowfin Ear Climbers

  • ak ahi 4 lava necklace close

    Ahi Yellowfin Four Lava Silver Necklace

  • ahi earrings gold

    Ahi Yellowfin Long Earrings

  • ak ahi leather closer necklace

    Ahi Yellowfin Long Pendant – Leather

  • AK Ahi long pendant 2

    Ahi Yellowfin Long Pendant Necklace

  • ak ahi full Lava large

    Ahi Yellowfin Silver and Black Lava Necklace

  • AK finlet earrings with blue zircons

    Ahi Yellowfin Star-Set Finlet Earrings

  • AK ahi finlet trio1

    Ahi Yellowfin Star-Set Finlet Necklace

  • AK damselfish link bracelet front

    Hawaiian Damselfish Solo Link Bracelet

  • AK pipefish cuff gold I

    Rosecut Gemstone Fish Cuff Bracelet

  • Hohonu Silver Fish Mamo Stud Earrings

    Silver Fish Mamo Stud Earrings