Hawaiian Fish

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  • ahi earrings gold

    Ahi Yellowfin Long Earrings

  • AK pipefish cuff gold I

    Rosecut Gemstone Pipefish Cuff Bracelet

  • AK mano ia chain maille

    Mano I’a Chain Maille Bracelet

  • AK ahi climbers gold2

    Ahi Yellowfin Ear Climbers

  • ball of jacks in the deep reef

    Deep Jacks – Bigeye Trevally Ball

  • ball of jacks in the sun

    Sunny Jacks – Bigeye Trevally Ball

  • Aholehole in big surf

    Life On The Edge – Aholehole

  • Black triggerfish at the surface

    Black Triggerfish at Dawn

  • AK mano chain bracelet 3 side

    Mano I’a Simple Bracelets

  • AK IA-MANO I2 M3 charm bracelet

    Mano I’a Charm Bracelets