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Light and more petite than our other sharks, this shark was inspired by Deep Blue, the largest great white on record, as she stopped in Hawaii to feast on a whale carcass. She and a number of other female great whites spent a few days gorging themselves to bursting, giving them a distinctly corpulent shape! These beautiful ladies even dwarfed the otherwise large tigersharks. It was awe-inspiring and humbling to see the photos and footage that followed. We feel incredibly fortunate that such large females of reproductive age are still out there.


Great White Sharks

Great whites are the largest predatory fish on earth. While they average about 15 feet in length, Deep Blue likely measures over 20 feet long. Males are smaller, averaging 12 ft. These huge predators prefer cool waters and while are slate grey in color, they are named ‘great white’ for their white underbellies. Pure muscle and power, great whites can swim up to 15 mph and on occasion are known to entirely breach the surface as they attack prey from below. As with all sharks, humans are not natural prey, but as they have no hands, a sampling bite is how they test things (agreed, not much comfort if you are the one being sampled). They prefer fatty prey such as seals, sea lions and whales.  With an estimated 3,500 left in the wild, these giants are considered Vulnerable by IUCN and are listed in CITES Appendix II. Check out more from Nat Geo.

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These Great White Deep Blue Earrings are small-scale sculptures of the famously huge great white shark, Deep Blue. Hand carved with attention to scale and detail, each is carefully hand polished and finished.


  • Each shark measures 28 x 15mm
  • Sterling silver or 18K gold vermeil
  • Secure kidney wires (sterling or GF)
  • Hand-carved and cast
  • Lead and nickel free
  • Made in Hawaii
  • Looking for a sleeker shark? Try one of our Blue Sharks
  • More information on vermeil can be found in the blog and FAQ

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sterling silver, 18K vermeil

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