Dwarf Moray Eel Adjustable Ring


Limited edition! A sweet little companion to wear to ward off a bad day. This little moray caresses your finger, its organic lines complimenting you perfectly. (And an added perk – these forgiving adjustable rings are wonderful on hot days when fingers can swell just a little.)

Puhi (eels)

Eels are symbolic in many cultures, often as shape-shifters, and varyingly as new beginnings, self-understanding, emotion (in the Hawaiian culture), wisdom, inspiration and adaptability. In Hawaii, Eels are aumakua, deified ancestral guardians that warned, reprimanded and protected their kin. Aumakua are likewise protected and respected by the families in a kind of spiritual symbiosis!

The dwarf morays are often found in Hawaii, small with beautiful bright blue eyes and a dark stripe thru them.

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Curl the Dwarf Moray Eel Adjustable Ring around any finger, adjust to fit! However we do advise on choosing a finger rather than adjusting it each time you wear it – like a paper clip, metal gets brittle with too much bending and you could damage the metal. Carved/sculpted by hand and cast, we finish and polish each ring by hand.


  • Adjustable ring size
  • Low tarnish sterling silver or 18K vermeil (our vermeil is thicker than standard vermeil)
  • Lead and nickel free
  • Made in Hawaii
  • Any questions? Just contact us

Additional information

Dimensions 8.5 × 5.5 × 1.5 in

Sterling Silver, 18K Vermeil

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