Kialoa Outrigger Canoe and Paddle Adjustable Bracelet


Sleek and fast, outrigger canoes symbolise the hard work water women and men invest every season to race. To paddle is to know and respect the ocean. But it is also symbolic of community and teamwork; to build a canoe the old way took hundreds of men and a kahuna just to select and bring the tree down the mountain.

These bracelets are easy to wear and care for. Sterling silver paddles and canoes adorn comfortable and soft bracelets that are adjustable for any size wrist.

Hawaiian Outrigger Canoes

The Hawaiians arrived in Hawaii in outrigger canoes (OCs) around 200AD. Some of these held up to 80 people! Throughout their history OCs remained essential to the Hawaiians for fishing, travel, sport and war. By the time Captain Cook arrived, there were up to 12,000 outrigger canoes for about 225K people, and hei hei wa’a, or canoe racing, was an immensely popular sport with the chiefs. Later, and under the influence of the missionaries, Queen Ka’ahumanu banned the races (there was betting involved!) and it wasn’t until King Kalakaua that races were brought back in 1875. Todays paddling traditions are a tribute to the ancient Hawaiians and their way of life. Find out more here and here.



Kialoa Outrigger Canoe and Paddle Adjustable Bracelet features a hand carved little wa’a (canoe) and hoe (paddle) cast in low tarnish sterling silver. Bracelets are adjustable and easy to care for.


  • The outrigger canoe is approx 1.25″/3cm long without loop (1.5″ with loop)
  • The hoe/paddle is approx .75″/2cm
  • Low tarnish sterling silver
  • 2mm leather or thicker 3mm(1/8″) suede bracelets
  • Hand-sculpted and cast canoe and paddles
  • Lead and nickel free
  • Made in Hawaii
  • We can accommodate sizes for a larger hand at no additional charge, just let us know at check out
  • You may also like the matching earrings
  • Interested in vermeil or gold? Contact us

Additional information

Dimensions 8.5 × 5.5 × 1.5 in

2mm brown leather (thin), 3mm brown suede, 3mm black suede


Paddle, Canoe, Paddle+Canoe

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