Soaring Manta Ray Link Necklace



Remember the sea’s deep blue expanse with this sleek, luxe manta choker. The soaring Manta Ray Link Necklace is light, sculptural and a totem of grace and freedom – a little escape everyday!

Beautiful mantas are sometimes called ‘devilfish’, but their movements underwater couldn’t be farther from that description. Gliding with an unbelievable grace, these majestic creatures rule the sea. To us they represent the ultimate in expansive freedom.


Hāhālua (Manta Ray)

Despite their enormous size, mantas don’t eat big fish, but rather filter feed on plankton. Reef mantas, as we have in Hawaii, can attain 18 ft (distinct from the giant pacific mantas that get much bigger). Hawaiian mantas tend to stay closer to shore which partly helps to protect against sharks, while giant mantas roam the deep seas and travel enormous distances. There is photographic evidence to show that mantas have regenerative properties – much more research is needed to understand these beauties! They have the largest brains of any fish, and they reproduce slowly – sadly populations continue to decline, much due to pollution and erosion of habitat. Some estimates say they can live 50-100 years. Status: Vulnerable.

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The Soaring Manta Ray Link Necklace, hand carved and formed from individually cast small-scale sculptures of a manta ray in flight.  Each manta is solid sterling.


  • Solid sterling silver links and findings
  • Hand-forged s-clasp
  • Standard length is 12 mantas, or approx 17.25″. Please note, this necklace falls best as a choker. If 16″ chain is a good choker length for you, this is your best size.
  • Option to add another link for approx 18.5″ – if you wear a 17-18″ as a choker, this is your best size (But do contact us with questions or for longer and shorter options!)
  • Lead and nickel free
  • Hand carved polished and fabricated
  • Made in Hawaii
  • Looking for a matching bracelet? See the soaring manta link bracelet.
  • Please contact us if you want this in vermeil or to add vermeil links

Additional information

Dimensions 8.5 × 5.5 × 1.5 in

Classic sterling silver, Oxidized sterling & Gold


17.25" (12 links), 18.5" (13 links)