Sterling Silver Tiny Shells Ear Cuffs



You’ll love the fine detail of these Sterling Silver Tiny Shells Ear Cuffs. Intricate ridges follow the curve of each shell in perfect unison, like the waves on the sea. Our shells are a more sustainable choice to jewelry made with real shells; more than just pretty baubles, mollusks play in important an ecological role as food, platforms for algae, water cleaners, and much more. Their empty shells also provide a scarce resource for hermit crabs. By finding a shell naturally empty we minimize waste, and by only taking one we allow the others to be used and the rest to become sand.


Tiny Cowries

Cowries are coveted around the world, both in ancient cultures as money and adornment, and by collectors and ocean lovers in modern day. This particular diminutive, ridged cowry is actually a type of Allied Cowry, also called a trivia shell, and is a close relative of cowries. Amazingly, these little shells are full adult size! Trivias like these are found in a number of places around the world, including Hawaii; Hawaiian trivias only reach a maximum size of 5mm.


Little Snails

These little sea snails are a kind of turban shell, and are a common sight around the world.  Maybe it’s because of its ubiquity that we always get a thrill out of their perfect little spirals! They come in a range of beautiful multicoloured shades, but after they’re tumbled in the sand, the outer layer of color is removed and they end up beautifully pure white.


Our Sterling Silver Tiny Cowry and Little Snail ear cuffs feature a little sterling silver shell soldered onto a hand forged cuff. Our shells are found empty in the sand; we never take things alive from the sea. We cast a single found shell and make each ear cuff by hand.


  • Tiny Cowries each measure 7 x 10mm
  • Little Snails each measure 8 x 9mm
  • All sterling silver
  • Lead and nickel free
  • Made in Hawaii
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  • Questions or request gold, please contact us

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Dimensions 8.5 × 5.5 × 1.5 in

Tiny Cowry, Little Snail


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