Tiger Shark Tooth Necklace



Tiger Shark Tooth Necklace celebrates the magnificent tiger shark. Hand carved and available on different chains, these pendants are for the bold and confident. We chose a tiger shark tooth rather than other sharks because of its distinctive shape – just as its stripes are. Most shark lovers agree, the tiger is really a special shark.


Tiger Sharks

Tiger sharks hunt at night, and are among the fiercest predators in the ocean. They sport beautiful stripes as younger sharks, but these fade as the shark gets bigger. Easily identifiable by their blunt noses, they are the only extant member of the genus Galeocerdo. Tiger sharks have a well-earned reputation as voracious hunters. Their distinctive serrated teeth and undiscerning palate mean they dine on everything from rays to turtles and even birds. They attain >5m but very large creatures grow to >8m. Generally found in tropical and temperate waters. Status: Near Threatened.


Tiger Shark Tooth Necklace – a classic in sterling silver. This hand carved tiger shark tooth is sterling silver, please note, there are no shark parts in this pendant.


  • Tiger shark tooth measures 20 x 20 mm (.78″ x .78″)
  • Choose from adjustable leather with sterling silver clasp, or sterling silver chains in 18″ and 20″
  • Thin chain in 20″ also available, please make a note in checkout or contact us
  • Hand-carved and cast sterling silver tooth
  • Lead and nickel free
  • Made in Hawaii

Additional information


Adjustable leather, 18" chain (good for women), 20" foxtail chain (good for men)


Sterling silver, 18K vermeil

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