One of a Kind Spoons


One of a kind spoons for special people, especially friends and family facing challenges with their emotional or physical health. These are rooted in “Spoon Theory”, the idea that when someone is struggling, spoons represent scarce mental or physical energy. Its a kind of shorthand to signal to their loved ones that its a particularly difficult day, or that they need time to re-energise without causing offiense or needing to explain further.

Our spoon gifts were just a way to show we cared and wanted to support friends and family in hard times. So many things are beyond our ability to help, this seemed one thing we could do.

Originally we started to make spoons from scrap silver bits, taking inspiration from the odd shapes in the scrap bin. They then evolved into customized designs about the person – an archer, a gardener, a diver. See photos for some of the spoons we’ve gifted.

And now we’re offering them to you too – they usually end up around 3″ long, prices range between $129-$229 depending on complexity. Hand crafted in Hawaii with argentium sterling silver.

Available in sterling silver or copper.


Alohi Kai 7 ooak spoons
Alohi Kai 3 ginko leaf spoons

Gingko Leaf Spoons

Alohi Kai Spoon - hysterectomy

Uterus Spoon

Alohi Kai squid spoon+fork

Squid Spoon + Fork

Alohi Kai - four bespoke spoons

Miscellaneous Spoons

Alohi Kai 3 custom spoons

Ginko + Kpop + Archer spoons

Alohi Kai Spoons - husky

Husky spoon