Stinging Jellies Gold Tourmaline Ring


This series of Stinging Jelly designs celebrates the edgy beauty of jellies, hydroids and corals. All are members of the same phylum, cnidaria. Mesmerizing to watch, jellies are both delicate and dangerous, often employing neurotoxins to defend themselves and to capture prey.

These one of a kind hand-carved rings are sculpted and built for a specific stone, featuring lovely ocean-colored tourmalines firmly held by little jelly arm daggers.  Available in sterling silver, rhodium plated sterling silver, 18K vermeil and pure gold.

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I absolutely adore it. Simultaneously elegant and edgy, it’s a day and night wonder. – P
tourmaline ring 2 center
AK May Ring 2
tourmaline ring 2 right
AK May Ring 1
tourmaline ring 2 center
AK May Ring 5
tourmaline ring 2 left