Winged Tourmaline Necklace


When we dive the North Shore on Oahu, there is so much macro life to explore. The tiny jellies, bryozoans and hydroids we see are beautiful and fascinating – and are often so small they can’t be fully appreciated without a photo to blow up. This series of Jellies designs celebrate their lacy, edgy beauty.

Winged Branches Necklace with deeply colored rose cut seafoam tourmalines – such a beautiful color of the sea! This hue of tourmaline represents the tranquility of water, honesty, and is believed to encourage people to speak from the heart, be open-minded and accept truth. Rose cuts show off the color and unique profile of these lovely stones.

AK tourmaline wings close gold

The ‘wings’ are inspired by the lacy hydroids and bryozoans we find on the North Shore. Delicate, often microscopic, but efficient predators, they often use neurotoxins to defend themselves. These ‘wings’ are a classic ocean combination of beauty and cunning.

Necklaces are available both with and without the wings, and in silver and 18K vermeil. Solid 18K gold on request.

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AK tourmaline wings mid gold
AK tourmaline wings
AK tourmaline wings close up
double tourmaline wings necklace
AK tourmaline wings close gold
AK tourmaline wings