So here we are, socially distancing in the time of a Corona Virus and Covid19. In Hawaii they’ve asked us to limit gatherings in the ocean and to follow a stay at home order (as most places in the country have, and should!) so we aren’t able to dive right now. Inspired by my photographer friends, I took my camera outside in search of a new land-locked photographic adventure! And dreamt of beautiful butterflies, adorable bees, and exotic wildflowers. What fun!

It took no time at all to crush those dreams. A  brief search around our property, the neighbors, and up the street revealed a completely different reality. While we live in a beautiful area, its not so much English Garden as it is a collection of some bricks, grass, and railings. A few potted plants. A few tree trunk stumps. And a whole lot of lizards. Brown anoles, green anoles, a few gold dust geckos. But mainly a LOT of brown anoles.

Paul Revere Mo’o


Panimo’o (Paniolo is a Hawaiian cowboy)

So much for those colorful photos I was hoping to capture! But as they say, make lemonade. So I dressed the mo’o up. Mo’o is lizard in Hawaiian. It started with a simple accessory – a parasol, a hat and bag – then thanks to a high school friend’s outrageous request of a samurai, onto more elaborate outfits. The unrelenting news showed us the tremendous and heroic efforts of front-line workers, so I then moved on to memorialize them in Mo’o – healthcare heroes, first responder heroes, even a police mo’o. (we are SO grateful to you all.) Then friends started throwing out their own ideas – a hawaiian mu’u mu’u, a secret agent. And eventually, it had to happen, rock bands.

This is about having a bit of connection (and levity) as we keep our social distance from each other, nothing here is meant to be serious. So I give you – the Mo’o collection! If you want to see them all come see us on Instagram @Mo-obettah. (and on request, we’re doing t shirts and mugs too)

King Kamo’omeha

Health Care Heros


Fire Fighter Heros

Heavy Mo’o

Police Heros



Draco Anoles (Dragon lizard – with rare egg!)

The (mo’o) Cure

Samurai Mo’o




Much later I did manage to find a single butterfly and some flowers at my aunt’s house that we look after. At last!