Bijou Bryozoan Necklace


The Bijou Bryozoan Necklace is designed after the tiny, beautiful, lacy tuning fork bryozoan. Perfect for everyday wear to lift any outfit. Hand sculpted and made in Hawaii.


Tuning Fork Bryozoan

Bryozoans aka “moss animals” are tiny creatures that live in colonies. The beautiful lace-like structures we see are the exoskeletons they build, similar to corals. These tiny, aquatic and invertebrate bryozoans are only about .5 mm and live within the skeletons they build. Bryozoa feed by filtering plankton from seawater via a crown of tentacles that they can retract.  However, unlike corals, bryozoans have a ‘lid’ that can protect them from unwanted attention! There are both fresh water and salt water bryozoans, and take a wide range of forms, from the gelatinous fresh water colonies to the hard calcified types we find on Hawaiian reefs. The Tuning Fork Bryozoan is one of our favorites – delicate, and tiny, with its detail only visible when enlarged in a photo!


Bijou Bryozoan Necklace is a delicate sculpture of a Tuning Fork Bryozoan cast in low tarnish sterling silver.


  • The bryozoan measures 35mm across
  • Low tarnish sterling silver
  • 18″ Sterling silver chain
  • Hand-sculpted and cast
  • Lead and nickel free
  • Made in Hawaii
  • Please let us know if you prefer a 16″ chain (no extra charge)
  • Interested in vermeil or 18K gold? Contact us

Additional information

Dimensions 8.5 × 5.5 × 1.5 in

Sterling Silver, 18K Vermeil

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