Corals + Anemones

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  • bryozoan necklace - gold, close up

    Bijou Bryozoan Necklace

  • AK mushroom coral small close

    Tiny Mushroom Coral Pendant Necklace

  • AK mushroom coral stacker rings silver gold

    Tiny Mushroom Coral Stacker Ring

  • AK mushroom coral studs 1

    Tiny Mushroom Coral Stud Earrings

  • AK mushroom coral large close

    Chunky Mushroom Coral Pendant

  • Bijou Bryozoan Earrings

  • Hohonu adj Knobby Sea Star Bracelet

    Adjustable Knobby Sea Star Bracelet

  • AK Mushroom coral chunky ring top

    Chunky Mushroom Coral Ring in Sterling

  • O Ke Kai blue soft coral with clasp

    O Ke Kai – Blue Soft Coral Polyp

  • O Ke Kai large mushroom coral with clasp

    O Ke Kai – Chunky Mushroom Coral

  • O Ke Kai mushroom coral with clasp

    O Ke Kai – Tiny Mushroom Coral