Blue Octocoral Pendant Necklace

Wear this light and delicate necklace everyday. A celebration of the Hawaiian reef, blue octocorals are our own little snowflakes of the sea. Soft and sweet, yet tenacious, beautiful and enduring.


Blue Octocoral

Also known as Blue Soft Coral, and occasionally as Blue Snowflake Coral, the pretty little octocoral polyps are often found on the reef clinging to rocks in rough, surgy areas. Measuring only a few millimeters across, they can be easy to overlook due to their size and color, but on closer examination, they are beautiful bouquets ranging from blue to purplish-brown. Called ‘octo’ because of their eight-fold symmetry, they lack the hard skeletons of most of the corals of Hawaii. These snowflake-like corals look delicate, but are hardy survivors and are endemic to Hawaii.

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The Blue Octocoral Necklace features a hand carved sterling silver or 18K gold vermeil blue octocoral on a beautiful chain. A real soft coral is only a few millimeters up to about 7mm in diameter, but they really do look like snowflakes! We cast these in low-tarnish sterling and hand-finish.


  • The coral is approx. 22 mm across
  • Cast in low tarnish sterling silver
  • Option for 18K vermeil on GF chain
  • Sterling silver or gold fill chain
  • Lead and nickel free
  • Made in Hawaii
  • Let us know if you would like a SS 16″ chain instead
  • You may also like the matching earrings or rings
  • To request gold or ask questions, please contact us

Additional information

Dimensions 8.5 × 5.5 × 1.5 in

SS 18", 18K vermeil 18"

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