Small and Fierce Blue Shark Necklaces



“Though she be but little, she is fierce!” – William Shakespeare

Why choose? Be both elegant and fierce with these blue shark necklaces. Conveying the unique, sinuous beauty of a blue shark, choose from two different designs – each hand carved with attention to scale and detail. These Blue Sharks are lighter in look and weight than our other sharks.

“I was google searching all over. Most shark pendants are all angry great whites and teeth. I really wanted the sleek beauty like the blue sharks you have. I didn’t see anything that came close”. – J

Blue Sharks

We adore blue sharks. Blues are a type of requiem shark that are oceanic, pelagic, and prefer the deep ocean in temperate and tropical waters.  Beautiful and distinctive looking, they have long slender bodies and long pectoral fins, and are, as their name indicates, a lovely deep blue color. They grow up to 12 ft long, and are one of the fastest sharks in the sea; some estimate up to 60 miles per hour (97 kph).

​Blue sharks are thought to be the most frequently caught shark species. Targeted for their beautiful fins, studies show population declines of up to 80% in some regions since the 1980s. They are now classified as ‘near threatened’. ​


Wear a Small and Fierce Blue Shark Necklace and channel a dignity all your own! Choose from two different small-scale sculptures of Blue Sharks – hand carved with attention to scale and detail. We polish the masters in wax, cast in sterling silver, and hand-finish. After casting in low-tarnish silver, we painstakingly grind, file and hand-polish each one.


  • Both Sharks measure 1.75″ long, but with the curve in the curvy blue, it ends up closer to 1.5″ in length
  • Choose from two different blue sharks, one curvy, the other wavy
  • Sterling silver or 18K gold vermeil
  • Chains: sterling silver for silver sharks or gold fill for vermeil sharks
  • Hand-carved and cast
  • Lead and nickel free
  • Made in Hawaii
  • Also available as a ring and earrings
  • Looking for a bigger shark? Try a Lemon, Oceanic Blacktip or Hammerhead
  • More information on vermeil can be found in the blog and FAQ

Additional information

Dimensions 8.5 × 5.5 × 1.5 in

16" Chain, 18" Chain


Sterling Silver, 18K Gold Vermeil


Curvy, Wavy

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