Thresher Shark Ear Cuffs



Minimalist, sophisticated and unique! Ear cuffs inspired by the long swoop of a thresher shark tail. Subtle with a little edge. The larger is designed for the right ear, the medium for the left, but you can wear either on any ear you like. (note: size refers to the thresher design, not the sizing of the cuff itself)


Thresher Sharks

Another of our favorite sharks! Thresher sharks are a lamniform shark, pelagic (live in the open ocean), and are best known for their beautiful, unbelievably long and deadly tails. With a short/cone shaped (almost adorable) head, they have graceful scythe-like tails that can be the same length as the rest of their body. With slender bodies and relatively small dorsal fins, they use their pectoral (side) fins to brake when they deploy their tail overhead like a trebuchet! While this was just a theory for many years, a team in the Philippines recently managed to film it. Sadly all three kinds of threshers (possibly four) are listed as vulnerable to extinction.

Find out more about this fascinating research here

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The Thresher Shark ear cuffs are hand formed, and made in low tarnish sterling silver. Large is designed for the right and medium for the left, but they will fit on either ear.


  • Large (right ear) measures about 2.25″ long (its a bit wider than the small)
  • Medium (left ear) and measures about 2″ long
  • Please note, names ‘large’ and ‘medium’ refers to design, not the cuff size that fits your ear. (The cuff is on the smaller side, 10-11mm on each, please measure your ear)
  • Sterling silver or 18K gold vermeil
  • Hand-forged and cast
  • Lead and nickel free
  • Made in Hawaii
  • Looking for a whole shark? Try the blue shark or great white ear cuffs

Additional information


Medium (left), Large (right)


Sterling silver, 18K vermeil

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