Tiny Honu Stacker Ring Sterling Silver



A tiny tiny little turtle to adorn your fingers. For turtle lovers and minimalist jewelry aficionados, wear this dainty ring day or night. Stack it with other rings or on its own!

Honu (Hawaiian Green Turtles)

Honu are Hawaiian green turtles, and are a source of great joy for seasoned ocean lovers and newcomers alike.  For the ancient Hawaiians, they symbolised the navigator and mankind’s eternal connection to the land and the sea. Some legends talk about how honu guided the Polynesians to Hawaii. Others talk of a honu and honu’ea (the similarly threatened hawksbill turtle) as magical beings and protectors, and their daughter Kauila as the protector of children.

Baby honu are hatched from eggs laid by the mother on land. Sometimes the mother will swim hundreds of miles to return to her beach of birth in order to lay her eggs. Once out of their shells, the little honu are in danger until they grow bigger.  If they make it to the water, they begin a treacherous pelagic life on the open sea until they are big enough to return to the reef.  Out of thousands of eggs, very few turtles make it back to the reef. Once critically endangered, they’ve been protected in Hawaii since the late 70’s. Populations are only now making a come-back – although they are still threatened by fishing and pollution. Read more in our blog post.


The Tiny Honu Stacker Ring features a hand sculpted and cast tiny turtle.  All sterling silver.


Additional information

Dimensions 8.5 × 5.5 × 1.5 in

US 4 (H 1/2), US 5 (J 1/2), US 6 (M), US 7 (O), US 8 (Q)


sterling silver, 18K vermeil

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