Icon Hammerhead Shark Knuckleduster Ring



This Icon Hammerhead Shark Knuckleduster Ring is one of our most popular designs. Bold yet graceful, the ring makes a big style statement.  Some customers wear our hammerheads for protection and empowerment, others as a show of confidence and strength – so why not also for days you need a boost!? The ring adds a satisfying weight and presence to any outfit.

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Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks

Scalloped Hammerheads, or manō kihikihi in Hawaiian, are sleek, graceful, and quite shy. We found them schooling in the Cocos and Malpelo Islands, and also in Los Revillagigedos; what a humbling, and majestic sight.  We were so fortunate to have seen them, as they are endangered due to over finning. Hammerheads can be found schooling in groups numbering in the hundreds! Males grow to around 6 ft, females up to 8 ft. Their eyes and nostrils are found at either end of their uniquely-shaped head. There is a lot of inconclusive discussion as to why their heads are shaped as they are. Contrary to popular lore they are not aggressive, but really rather shy and skittish around divers. Sadly, these beautiful and graceful sharks are now officially on the CITES endangered species list.

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This Icon Hammerhead Shark Knuckleduster Ring is a small-scale sculpture – hand carved with attention to scale and detail, and a hollowed out centre helps to keep it light. We finish each shark by carefully grinding, filing and hand-polishing it, then hand-forming and forging a double ring and soldering it onto the shark.

This ring is intended to be worn across two fingers, thus the two rings. One is closed, the other is adjustable. The double ring makes it both stable and more comfortable, please specify your ring size for the ‘right’-side/closed ring.

This shark also available as a necklace.

  • Shark measures 2″ long
  • Solid sterling silver or 18K gold vermeil
  • Other sizes available! Please contact us to specify
  • Hand-carved and cast
  • Lead and nickel free
  • Made in Hawaii
  • More information on vermeil can be found in the blog and FAQ

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Ring Size

6, 7, 8


Sterling Silver, 18K Gold Vermeil