Sorry, Not Leaving Signs



We created these Sorry Not Leaving signs in the height of the tourist resurgence when travel opened back up to Hawaii in Summer 2022. Too often when you come out of the ocean with all your gear on, still dripping, stressed out people looking for parking immediately ask if you’re leaving (so they can wait for your parking space). It takes a while to get gear off and packed away, and its tiresome for both you to keep saying no to each one, and for them, who have to keep asking each person with a car. So we started using these little signs – and surprisingly got cheers!

We had concerns about being rude, but quite the contrary, people shout thank you to us for letting them know, and many of them buy the signs off our cars. We have a limited number left, and we can ship them to you! (there may be additional designs coming too)



Sorry Not Leaving signs are mounted on a hanger with a string to hang from, limited availability!


  • Signs measure 1′ x 2′
  • Choose from whale shark or tiger shark
  • Signs come with a hanger made from wooden dowels and a string to hang from
  • If you choose to get your own hooks, we recommend getting two – or the wind will blow it in circles!
  • Other designs may follow
  • Any questions? Just contact us

Additional information

Dimensions 8.5 × 5.5 × 1.5 in

Whale Shark, Tiger Shark, Dolphins


No Hooks, W/neodymium magnet hooks