$300 and up

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  • AK honu ohana niobium whole

    Honu Ohana Turtle Statement Necklace

  • AK blue shark cuff gold VII

    Sinuous Blue Shark Cuff

  • silver octopus cuff

    Undulating Sculpted Octopus Cuff Bracelet

  • AK long urchin duo 2

    Miniature Urchin Station Necklace

  • AK zoanthid bracelet gold front white

    Zoanthid Anemone Luxe Link Bracelet

  • AK zoanthid 11 whole

    Zoanthid Anemone Collar Necklace

  • 'Alohi Kai manta ray link necklace

    Soaring Manta Ray Link Necklace

  • AK mano ia chain maille

    Mano I’a Chain Maille Bracelet

  • AK limu ombre branch ring stack

    Limu Manauea Seaweed Adjustable Branched Rings

  • AK pipefish cuff gold I

    Rosecut Gemstone Fish Cuff Bracelet

  • AK box jelly large 1

    Large Box Jelly Necklace on Leather

  • AK limu ombre blade row

    Limu Manauea Seaweed Blade Adjustable Rings

  • AK zoanthid 5 close

    Zoanthid Anemone Link Necklace

  • AK Blue Shark cufflinks gold II

    Blade Blue Shark Cufflinks

  • AK Hammerhead knuckleduster ring silver gold tops

    Hammerhead Shark Ring – Knuckleduster

  • AK Hammerhead silver gold

    Hammerhead Shark Necklace

  • Lemon Shark chain gold I

    Sleek Lemon Shark Necklace

  • AK oceanic blacktip shark gold silver

    Oceanic Blacktip Shark Necklace

  • Dolphin cuff front

    Jumping Nai’a Dolphin Cuff Bracelet

  • ola tako gold bangle

    Sculptural Ola Bangle – Tako Octopus

  • AK honu iki link bracelet circle

    Honu Iki Turtle Chain Bracelet

  • ola ahi gold bangle

    Sculptural Ola Bangle – Fierce Ahi

  • AK honu large long chain II

    Swimming Honu Turtle Long Chain

  • ola limu gold bangle

    Sculptural Ola Bangle – Limu Manauea

  • AK manta link bracelet black-gold

    Soaring Manta Ray Link Bracelet

  • mask chain GF-shark whole

    Mask Chain – Blue Shark Back Charm

  • Hohonu Kialoa paddle earrings gold post crossed2

    Kialoa Paddle Earrings

  • ola wai gold

    Sculptural Ola Bangle – Wai

  • AK blue shark ring duo 1

    Elegant Blue Shark Ring

  • Ola Wai Long Earrings with Blue Sapphires

  • AK honu cufflinks gold III

    Honu Iki Little Turtle Cufflinks

  • AK Gold and Silver naia dolphin necklaces

    Jumping Nai’a Dolphin Necklace

  • AK silver octopus climber earrings

    Sculpted Octopus Earring Climbers

  • Alohi Kai Honu leather whole

    ‘Au’au Honu Swimming Turtle Choker

  • AK blue shark necklaces silver gold III

    Small and Fierce Blue Shark Necklaces

  • AK blue shark post earrings

    Blue Shark Post Earrings

  • AK Ola Wai Trio Necklace Gold 2 close

    Ola Wai Water Trio Necklace

  • AK box jelly small gold 1

    Small Box Jelly Necklace on Leather

  • AK box jelly bracelet 1

    Small Box Jelly – Bracelet