The Bijoux collection is a collection of petite, elegant designs, hand carved and cast in sterling silver. Now available in 18K vermeil too!

  • H bijoux stingray boxchain bracelet front

    Bijou Baby Stingray Adjustable Silver Bracelet

  • Bijou Baby Stingray Adjustable Suede Bracelet

  • stingray drop earrings gold 2

    Bijou Baby Stingray Drop Earrings

  • stingray necklace gold closer

    Bijou Baby Stingray Necklace

  • Bijou Bryozoan Earrings

  • bryozoan necklace - gold, close up

    Bijou Bryozoan Necklace

  • H bijoux seal boxchain bracelet

    Bijou Hawaiian Monk Seal Adjustable Silver Bracelet

  • H bijoux adj bracelet seal grey

    Bijou Hawaiian Monk Seal Adjustable Suede Bracelet

  • Monk seal drop earrings gold 2

    Bijou Hawaiian Monk Seal Drop Earrings

  • Hawaiian Monk Seal close front I

    Bijou Hawaiian Monk Seal Necklace

  • Night octopus adj bracelet grey

    Bijou Night Octopus Adjustable Bracelet

  • night octopus earrings

    Bijou Night Octopus Earrings

  • Night octopus necklace GOLD close 2

    Bijou Night Octopus Necklace

  • AK monk seal mask pin front

    Silver Hawaiian Monk Seal Mask Pin